Halloween 2003

We started the night off at Darren & Bronwyn's house, for this most excellent Halloween adventure!

(click on image to see a larger version)

Scary pumpkin and StrongBad pumpkin, by me & Sean.

Sean as Fessik, Tony as Vizzini, Phil as Miracle Max, Val as the Albino, and me as Inigo Montoya!

Same photo, with the flash!

Less serious Princess Bride crew...

The pose from the DVD insert.

What is Miracle Max doing to the punch?

Tony and Sean just hanging out, enjoying a snack.

Darren and Bronwyn.

Another scary jack-o-latern I carved.

Robin and James hosted another great Halloween party with the help of Amy, Tracy, Chris & Kady!

Linda and BillyJ!

Amy went as me on the Girls' Camping weekend... nice headlight, Amy!

Sheila has just recently joined the Pleasure Police force.

We have found our Man in Black - Sam!

This bar was run by Tony as Sister Perky! Watch out, she's strict - you will drink your margarita!

Val, James and Michelle.

This is a very scary house. Really.

Sean and Sheila.

Kady is certainly enjoying herself!

Amy, Tony and Phil!

The Man in Black is being taken in for questioning ;-)

Val shows off her darker side.

The dog drank itself to death.

Val and Phil.

The kitchen is really the best place to hang out.

Kady and Chris, CSI.

James & Robin... CSI.

Phallen Angel and Zatmadeherdoit.

Kristy & Richard.

A slightly out of focus Veronica as a lobster! It's Lobster Girl!

Robin, Linda and James!

Steve Anthony is screaming: "Siegfried! Help!"

Shaggy Jason & Kady.

A decapitated head ... which reminds me of my childhood reoccurring nightmare about C.H.I.P.s...

Kady and me, hanging out in the kitchen!

Me and Billy!

Really, what are these two doing behind the bar?!?!

Tracy gives James his birthday candles!

His wish will come true!

Amy as me, and me!

Phil is so friendly!

Linda and Kristy.

Fortunately, he had a holocaust cloak.

This is what happens if you don't stay hydrated and you stay in the hottub too long...

Michelle, Phil and Linda are having a great time!

I don't know what Tony is so happy about.

Me and Val...

... and Sheila!

Nice tongue, Sam!

Andre the Giant is very tall.

Lane and me, waiting for the ladies room.

Tracy's makeup was really great, not that you could tell from any of the very blurry pictures I took of her...

It was late... We'd been drinking ... I really can't explain what was going on here.

Good boy. Sit.
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