Girls' Camping, September 2003

What better way to spend Labor Day weekend then camping with the girls on Mount Madonna? I certainly couldn't think of any, so off we went!

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Michelle joins us for her first ever camping trip!

Amy's getting everything organized in her giant tent.

Tracy & Kady are just chillin'.

Yummy malt flavoured beverages!

Our first hike around the campground - it's getting dark and we don't have any lights, though. oops!

Yeah, Cosmopolitans! We really know how to camp in style!

I don't know what Amy is doing with that mayonnaise....

Kady cannot stress enough the importance of clean hands.

Michelle is very funny!

These girls can't stop laughing - I'm sure it has nothing to do with the cosmos!

Kady has confiscated my headlamp and Amy is cooking "banana splits".

Really, you've got to watch out for Kady.

Don't those banana splits look like fun to make?

Amy is trying to cook, but I am distracting her.

Now Kady is just getting belligerent.

Ooops!!! Amy cooked a knife with that banana!

Good morning sunshine!

Amy & Tracy making sure we all ate like queens.

Fed, we are ready for a nice, easy, hike. The trail guide said it would only have a 300 foot elevation gain, and would be mostly shaded.

We're doing pretty good - this is Michelle's first hike!

A tree fell in the woods ...

Breaking for water - we don't know that we are actually going in the wrong direction.

A nice leisurely hike....

Ok, I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out which way Tan Oak Trail is. Three signs point 3 different ways!!!

Kady takes the map away from me so she and Amy can figure out where we are. I've lost guide privileges.

Finally we make it the Miller Home site.

This turn of the century home is now in ruins.

Kady & Michelle are checking things out.

A short rest.

Amy wants to be different and climb over the pole, instead of under....

Amy falls....

Kady has found the Loop Trail! We decide to continue on the hike...

and enter the desert portion of the hike...

Wow, it's really hot up here ... since we've already climbed over 700 feet.

The views are wonderful!

The girls are still smiling, though I believe they are plotting my death for taking them on this insane hike.

How about some descent to round out that 1600 foot ascent we've done? Gee, is that the shady path the trail book mentioned...

Amy Hays - get it? Ha ha! Right. About this point, we are all getting cranky, so the camera gets put away.

Nothing a rousing game of Uno can't make feel better!

Tracy & Amy chilling by the fire.

Kady preparing to deal an ultra competitive game of golf.

Tracy uses her 40 ouncer to transform into T-Dog.

Pikachu & FancyPants... (Yes, the more we drank, the more nicknames we had...)

Kady steals my headlamp again to go fetch beer. Very important task!


Kady is again out of control with the headlamp!

Awwww, isn't she cute?!?!

Beer. Serious business.

Kady wants her Jiffy Pop, and she wants it now!!! Regardless of the fact that it is well after quiet hours...

She's so proud of herself.

Amy cooking another gourmet breakfast! Yum!

Pikachu is perky as ever!

We left the woods to go wine tasting.

We drank all of our booze, so we had to restock while we were out.

A male white fallow deer, descendant of deers donated to the park by William Randolph Hearst in 1932.

Some girl white fallow deer.

They love to eat bananas!
Our campsite.
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