St. Patrick's Day
Starting at the Gaslighter, ending up at the Saddle Rack!

Amy and Freedom, getting ready for the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

Lauren and Nikki

Robin and me
Nikki, me, and Nanci

Linda and Michael

Me and Amy

Michael, Jason and Sean 

Nikki, Amy and me

Sean and Jason, now famous for their rendition of "500 Miles"

Chris (notdressed up)

The Amazing Grace!

Nikki, Sara, and Robin on their way to Margarittaville!

Me, in waitress form.

Me and Sean

Amy, Kady, Chris, me, and Sean

Sean, Daniel, Freedom, Chris, Amy and Kady at the Gaslighter bar.

Daniel and the eel.

Chris, Daniel, Sean and the eel.

The birthday girl - Pat!

Amy and Pat

Chris and Kady

Kady and me

Amy's caught Kady at something!

Kady and me, again!

Pat and Amy, again!

Daniel and me dancing.

Sean and Kady
Me and Daniel.
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