Sean's Birthday Party December 2003

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Valerie, Sean, Erin, Daniel and Michelle at Fiesta Del Mar!

Tracy, Michael & Tony

Daniel and Sean

Tony is very pleased with himself!

Tracy, Michelle, Amy and Elizabeth.

Amy baked Sean a German Chocolate cake!

Make a wish!


Jaeger bombs for the brave few!

Awww, she's so cute!

Phil is also very excited!

Elizabeth, Erin and Daniel enjoying themselves thoroughly!

Tony, acting his age with me & Phil.

Pikachu, T-Dog and Fancy Pants.

Phil, demonstrating his outstanding cocktail making skills!

Amy trying to sweet talk Phil into making her another cosmo!

Michelle and Tracy get into the tinsel.

Ernie and Tony hiding in the computer room.

For reasons I cannot explain, Sean got into his sleeping bag and all the boys picked him up...

... and took him outside to see if it was really windproof...

... and waterproof...

... and abandoned him...

... but it was not too far for him to hop back home!

Daniel and Amy

Strike a pose!

Phil with his dollar bills...

Sean proudly displaying his Trogdor shirt!

Sean gets into the tinsel.

Amy, Sean, Michelle and Tony chillin' on the couch...

add Valerie...

add Phil...

and Tracy... I have no idea who took this picture!
Video footage taken early at the party...
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