Lauren's Cocktail Party - August 2002

Lauren gets us all to dress up and come to her house for a raging party - what a blast!

(Click on the images to see a larger version!)

Kady and Chris

All of us, ready to go!

Chris & Kady

Sitting pretty.

The band - doing original songs, really kicked!

The boys!

Hilary really plays a mean saw

They even cover rap songs!

Blanche and Greg

Hangin' out

Lauren and me!

Josh & Rick

Peter and Jacob

Sean and me


Why won't Chris put the camera down?

Yes, they are very cute!

Chris wants to be an American Idol.

Hilary and Joel

Very serious.

Me and Kady


Two dapper young men.

Chris really likes Sean ...

Elizabeth - the birthday girl!


Elizabeth and Rob up front, Lauren giving Josh a makeover behind them.

Lauren, Me, SaraT, Kady and Susie

A new picture for the refrigerator!

Chris ....

Elizabeth and Lauren

Tully and Adam

A nice spot for a picture!


Susie, Marina, me Lauren and SaraT

A very loving evening...


Good times!

I think she's enjoying the chips.

Yeah, girls!

They really are too cute.
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