Vicky & Karen Visit - October 2003

Somehow, the planets all came into alignment, and Karen AND Vicky both came to visit me in California on the same weekend. I never thought it would happen! I am still amazed. Really. Shocked.

Karen points at the first vineyard we stopped at. Vicky is amused!

Karen and I wrestling. Really, it's only for show.

OK, posing nicely in Paso Robles.

Karen makes friends at Bonny Doon

Vicky and Karen both liked Bonny Doon - you can tell from their pointing.

Rustic facilities.

Vicky starts to let down the Murphy bed...

... but it's Vicky, so it has to be complicated.

Our tongues are dark from drinking so much wine.

Vicky & Karen at Robin's Restaurant in Cambria.

More wine! Cheers!

Very dark, steep, long path we had to take back from town to our hotel. It wasn't lit at all!

Vicky and Karen on the beach near Cambria.

The ocean.

Karen & Vicky (pointing at the fisherman).

Me and Vicky with the fisherman.

"Hold my foot!"

Me and Karen (with the fisherman).

The obligatory picture of other people taking pictures - a trifecta!

All of us!

The fisherman alone.

Karen wading into the water.


Vicky climbs out of the beach.

Karen and Vicky!

Hearst Castle, as seen from the visitor's center.


Vicky and Karen checking out the castle.

The outdoor pool.

More of the outdoor pool.

A higher view of the outdoor pool.

Vicky and Karen stand next to a 5000 year old piece of statuary.

Another fountain.

The indoor pool - lined with glass and gilded tiles.

Lunch back in Cambria - Vicky is very excited about that burger!

All of us at my most favorite restaurant, Fiesta del Mar.

Many margaritas and cosmopolitans later, Vicky and Karen start fighting over poor Linus Ace.


Really, I think they are both insane.


What an evil expression...

Ah, what a lovely evening.
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