December 2003

Miscellaneous photos from December travels to Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL

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Jasin enjoying locally brewed at Munchies.

Mary and me

Baby Chay!

Jumpy House!!!!

Carrie & Randy, mid traditional holiday midnight Uno game.

The 2003 Ultimate Holiday Midnight Uno champion!

Me, suffering from my Uno loss.

Christmas Tree.

Mary & JB

David and Gramma.

JB and Shannon

Ty and Ashton

David and mom, cooking an excellent dinner.

Gramma and Jasin kicking back and relaxing.



All of the grandchildren - a nearly impossible photo to take!

Christiana and Shannon checking out their new goodies.

Ryan loves his new Spongebob seat.

Even mom loves the Spongebob chair!

Elisa's cat, Ani, really likes the shampoo I'm using.

This is really not friendly attention.

Ani going in for the kill. Elisa enjoying it all. Ouch!

The cats like Michael.

Ryan can't quite fill Shannon's shoes, yet.

Shannon & Ty.


The euchre competition is intense!

The girls hanging out in Club soda!

Jasin enjoying a dirty martini.

Randy hanging out in Columbia Street West.

David, Gramma, JB, Shannon & Tyler getting ready to enjoy some of Munchies delicious hot wings.

The original Bubbs at the Oyster Bar.

Nicole, Randy & me in somebodies garage.

Randy getting checked out by the evil cat, Ani.

Ani is posed to attack!

Randy, Elisa and I, trying to get Elisa to come out with us, but alas, she refuses.

This guy named Steve reminds me so much of my friend Jason it's eery. I was supposed to email Steve when I got these pictures up, but it took me 9 months and I've lost his address. If you know him, please send him an email!

Emmy the cat, waiting to eat.

In Fort Wayne, I don't have coverage from AT&T - but out here, in NOWHERE Indiana I get 5 bars of digital service from AT&T.

The drive from Fort Wayne to Chicago is a lonely one - and the only place I've ever seen a giant statue of a cow in front of an "Irish Pub".

Vicky & I enjoying a middle eastern dinner.

Vicky's most amazing parallel parking job!

Vodka crans!

My sister & I enjoying a glass of wine, her daughter enjoying a mile high piece of ice cream cake!

Me and Elisa at...

the Komet's hockey game!

Break time!

Later Jasin & Joey join us for post game beer!

And the day I was going to leave, a snowstorm hits!

My flight was cancelled, so I got to spend an entire extra day in Fort Wayne.
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