Chris & Valerie's Birthday 2003

The gang all came down for a great pool party at Brian and Linda's house. Thank you Brian, Linda, Kady, Robin & James!

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Great banner!

Robin & Dianna

Brian at the BBQ!


Mary, Sean and Phil

Catching the rays

Kady and Cary

Chris, using his height to beat Eric at a game of soccer.

The birthday kids!

The newly engaged couple!

Chris kept us all entertained with his excellent DJ skills.

Brian enjoying the cool pool.

More chillin'

"Sean, why are you taking my picture?!?"

Really, a perfect day!

Action shot!


Watching us open presents... it's very interesting!

Taking a break.

I can't remember what this was, but both Robin & I seem to be very impressed...

Yeah, presents!

Somebody just turned 40!

Cool stuff.

Scratchers - how fun!
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