Tony's Birthday 2003

Tony turned 7¾ years old this year!

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The group is entranced watching Lincoln play the Atari 2600 built into a joystick.

Rebecca, Bill and Amy

Jason enjoying a beverage.

Martyn and Sean

Kady, Michelle and Tracy!

Now we all watch Sam play 20 year old video games.

Mike, Bryn, Tony and Kevin

Travis makes a cake that demonstrates Tony's driving.

I can almost hear the lego man screaming now ....

The gang

Me and Sam

Tony and Sam

Kevin, Remy, Mike and Tony

Sheila and Sam

Quick - how many girls can fit on one couch??!?

Sheila and Sam again!

Tony opening some gifts...

more folks

Take a shot of Jaegermeister and drop it in a glass of Red Bull....

... and drink it down.

It may be Tony's birthday, but Dave gets the biggest piece of cake.

Tony cutting it up...

Remy, Mike and Bryn.

Tony gets to have two cakes.

Bill and Bob.

Tony, Bob, Carolee, and Bill

Jason, his banjo, and the featured "lady" of the evening is on the couch....
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