Dilemma at the Toll Road Inn

Closing Weekend, 28 December 2001
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Backstage at the Gaslighter Theatre

Amy & Bill (aka Suzie & Vernon)

Kady , Amy & me
(Hey, Kady, where's my skirt?)

Chris & Kady

One fine lookin' girl

Me, Lauren & Kady

After the show, in the lobby ...

Daniel shows up!

Mikey & Daniel

Chris, Brian & Kady

At Bill's wrap party...

Bill, pouring the celebratory champagne

Robin & Kady

Freedom - I really don't know what the finger is for ...

Nickolas, Mikey & Jason

Robin warning Kady about the dangers of plastic toppers

"What's really in that cup?"

Chris, explaining the rules for British Charades

Michelle & Lauren

Bill, excited about a successful round of British Charades.
Chris does not seem to care

Michelle, Mikey and Nickolas - can't you see how much they love this game?

Me & Lauren, trying to distract ourselves so we won't snap...

Going upstairs for postcharades stress relief.

At some point, Freedom commandeered my camera... I can't take responsibility for all of these pictures ...

Katirina & Bill

Daniel arrives again!



Hey - I haven't seen Daniel in months!

Nick, doing his best Sistine Chapel impersonation.

Robin & James

Like I said, Freedom had the camera ...

Katirina & Mikey
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