Tahoe February 2002

Super Bowl Weekend in Tahoe
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Sean, mixing mudslides

Chris and Robin, playing poker

James, trying to teach us how to play many different types of poker

Chris & Robin

James, mixing drinks

Sean, getting more nickels from Robin

Robin & James

Amy, amused with us

Robin, the birthday princess, surprised that we all really did remember her birthday.

The Girls

Robin and her manservants

Amy watching Chris put the final touches on his amazing curry.



Since she's the princess, Robin gets the first serving of curry.

All of us!

Chris is shocked!

Robin, enjoying the spoils of being a princess.


Robin, again!

Ruling over her minions is serious business.

Robin & James.

Sean & Chris, playing chess.

Make a wish!

Chocolate fondue can be very messy - especially if you try playing cards at the same time.

Chris, Kady, and Freedom challenging us to a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Kady & Freedom.

Chris and Kady



Robin and James

Chris and Kady

Robin and James

Sean & Me, right before we leave.

Chris, preparing for one final group shot.
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