Susan's Birthday 2002

Tanya and Mark threw Susan a surprise birthday party, VEGAS style! Complete with real vintage slot machines (and nickels to play with), a black jack table, an elegant buffet, Vegas characters, and a wedding chapel (with a wedding)!
I somehow did not get any pictures of Tanya, the magician, or Justin, the adorable rabbit - trust me, they were cute!

(Click on image to see larger version)

Susan - she's really surprised!

Pleasantly surprised, with Bryn who was in on the party the whole time!

Me & Sean, lounge singers!


Lauren, the lady of the night, with Susan and Sean.

Father Mark will be presiding over these nuptials...

Um, David, we really need that wedding ring back!

What wedding party is complete without a couple of "questionable ladies" and a blue man...

"Bryn, do you promise to do this woman's bidding, whatever it may be?"

A picture perfect event!

The most delicious cake!

Action shot!

A spatula! hmmm.....

Serenading the happy couple...
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