Oklahoma! April 2002

Closing weekend photos from backstage and party at Blaze's house, for Sunnyvale Community Player's production of Oklahoma!

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All the girls! Back row: Kara, Monique & Kristen. Front: Diana, me, Millie, Cami, Jenn, Catherine & Gina!

Somebody isn't wearing any bloomers!

Hanji & Kara

Kara curling her hair...

Monique curling hers ...


Gramma, me, mom & Dad!


Moe & Charles

Aaron is enthralled by director Doug!

Gina & Erin

Kimberly and David

Monique & Blaze dancing

Kimberly, David and Me!

Monique & me, enemies only onstage!




Kavon must be telling a story!

Dean & Kara

Closing night celebrations!
My first attempt at a panoramic - of course I had the camera on the wrong setting! Strange results ...
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