New Year's Eve 2002

Ringing in the new year in Chicago, starting a couple days before New Year's Eve

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Sean and Vicky having a train station breakfast.

Me and Vicky, waiting for the "el."

Sean, Brent and Vicky having coffee.

Vicky playing "golf".

Vicky with Basil.

Sean, Rhett, Brent and me, lounging in Vicky's apartment.

Sean, Brent, Vicky and me, having overpriced martinis in a very expensive Japanese restaurant in Wicker Park.

Vicky misbehaving in the same Japanese restaurant.

Finally, it's really New Year's Eve! Cory, Vicky, Brent, me and Sean are ready to go!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris in downtown Chicago - yum!

Same place, different shot!

Nighttime in Chicago - I didn't have a tripod!

Vicky, Cory, Brent and Sean walking back to the "el" after dinner.

Cory, Brent, me and Sean - same place!

Me and Vicky on the "el".

Cory and Sean on the "el".

Vicky and me!

Sean, Cory and Brent at Nick's Beer Garden in Wicker Park.

Abe Fromann, sausage king of Chicago.

Sean and Cory.

Vicky with our one party hat.

Cory and the hat.

Brent with the hat.

Sean and the hat.

Me with the hat.

Sean and Cory get their own hats!

Vicky and I get our own hats, too!.

Cory and Brent

Basil gets in on the party action.

Finally, a trip to Demon Dogs on New Year's Day.
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