New Year's Eve 2001

31 December 2001
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Backstage at the Gaslighter Theatre. For New Year's Eve, we brought in extra classic performers and olios.

Lots of people waiting to see our show!

Me & Sean

All the "Beams"

Linda, just after "10 Little Bottles"

Me and Jason

Kady & Linda

After the show, once we've finished entertaining the paying customers, we get to have a party ...

Michelle, Robin, Kady, Amy, Kay and me

I think James is pestering Robin...

Kady and me

Freedom, Chris and Sean

Robin, James and Linda

Tony, Katirina and Nickolas

I really don't know... Freedom took this picture.

Kady & Chris

Robin, me and Amy

Kay, lovely as usual, with Robert ... well, as usual.

Linda & Kady

Never, ever, take a drink from this man. He feigns innocence!

Chris and Robin

Amy won't be tricked by Bill!

It appears that Tony was...

Amazing Grace and David

Lauren, how do you really feel?

Bill, the giver of vile alcoholic beverages

Freedom & Amy, as taken by Freedom

Another (by the end of the night, he had taken nearly a dozen of these and pictures of his head)

Freedom and me

Me, Lauren and Amy

Amy and Robin

Katirina & Bill
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