Lauren is leaving the Balsa House, and venturing to Berkeley.

Seemed like a good excuse for a party at the Balsa House. We will all miss her terribly, but she promises to visit!

June 2002

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Me and Lauren!

Perfect night for a BBQ!

Sean, Daniel, Tony and Sam.

Jason, Lauren, Amy, Sam, Sheila, Daniel, me, Robin, Tony and Freedom!

Tony, Sam, Sheila, Sean & Freedom - yeah, candids!

(This was supposed to be a picture of Daniel and me, but I somehow managed to cut myself out.)

Billy has arrived!

Billy and me!

Billy, Kady and Daniel.

Freedom and me.

Mikey and Lauren!


Sean and Chris!

Freedom sporting his usual smirk...

Did somebody say "snarl"?

Chris and Billy having a deep conversation.

Amy and me!

Amy and Johnny 8-ball

Me and Lauren - still partying hard!

Johnny 8-ball and me

"Yeah, you're for me, Punk Rock Girl!"

Who says the folks at the Balsa house aren't friendly?

Chris and Kady!

Again - aren't they so cute?

Chris is developing a belly to be proud of!

I'm not sure how we got to this, but the boys appear to be having a belly contest.

Sam just does not want the party to end ...

"I won't let this party end! I will start a ping-pong contest! That's right, Chris was the UK's ping-pong champion in 1997... something like that ... yeah!"
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