Hawaii May 2001

Every year, Bay Area Boilermaker's go on a 4th of July vacation together, usually in a house on the CA coast. This year, we went to Hawaii and in May!

The first few days, we lounged around, ate a lot of expensive food, and tested out our snorkeling equipment in the pool.

Tanya tests out the noodle

Sean rescues a frog from the pool.

Expensive, tropical drinks.

Me in a horrible hat with Sean

Mark & Tanya searching for the missing snorkel...

The gear was found, fun was had by all!

Later we ventured to the great Iao Needle...

Mark, not the most willing model, but what a stunning hat!

Mark & Tanya


The Iao Needle itself

View from the top of the trail



A drive around Maui's North-West shore, stopping at fruit stands, art galleries, blow holes, and tidal pools

"Hey girls, want a ride?"


At Olivine Pools

The Olivine Tidal Pools

On the climb down



As far down as Mark & Tanya made it!



Ok, I like lava rocks...

Sean closely examines the tidal pool...

Sean jumps in!

It turns out that tidal pools are cold!

Me again!

Seen on the climb back up

Rocks seen at the Blow Hole

Blow hole in action

Sean taunts the weak blow hole.

Blow hole strikes back - Yes, Sean is in there!

The aftermath...

One last dirty look.

No trip to Maui would be complete without a Luau, we had a lot of fun at the Old Lahaina Luau

Mark, more willing as a model after several tropical drinks.


All of us!

Sunset at the Luau

Finally, no trip to Maui is complete without driving the Road To Hana. "Maui Revealed" was an excellent guidebook to have for this trip.

Sean & Mark patiently waiting for the girls to take pictures

At a bridge, we could see these three beautiful falls - but we were so far away!

So, Sean and I climbed down (the car's parked up there)

The view was much better up close!

Who said pregnant ladies can't climb under bridges?

Sean enjoying the tranquil view

Sean can't resist jumping in!

Tanya proudly sits atop a big boulder.

Cool flowers growing on "path" under the bridge.

Underside of the bridge we climbed under.

Tree root

BIG Spider!

Another waterfall

Sean & Mark




Mark & Tanya


Mark & Tanya investigating something

Finally Lunch!

Crab posing for a snapshot. Ok, he's dead.

A tree.

... and we never made it to Hana ...
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