Halloween 2002

Robin and James hosted this great event at their very scary house - a screamingly good time was had by all!

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Sean and I carved some of the pumpkins.

Tomb Raider ...

... Lara Croft

"Shop Smart... Shop S-Mart"

Sean as Ash from Army of Darkness

Jenny & Forest join the party.

Kady and Chris

Annalena, Sean, Mike, Eileen and Mike

Freedom and me

Amy, Tracy, me, Michelle, Linda and Nicole!

Tony and Steve - "It's not a costume, sweety, it's a lifestyle!"

Tony and Steve are trying to convince Linda to be one of their girls.

Greg and Nickolas

Tony trying to pimp Thelma - he has no shame!

Kady, Chris, Chris and Aija

Sheila and Sam - I'm not sure which one is the sergeant!

Um, a chainsaw wedding?

Very creepy James and Robin

Father Mikey and Angel Michelle

Amy and Tracy

This pimp just doesn't quit!

Sean and Sean, again.

Drunken Dr. Scarpino examines Michelle.

Nicole - she came as the LA Angels fan.

Mike has found his new favourite chair.

Tony and Sam

Linda, Sam, me and Tony

Arghhh... me and Michael

Sam and Tracy

Sheila, Sam and Tracy

Me, Tony and Sheila

A convict, a jack-o-lantern, and a black widow walked into a bar ...

Shaina and Nickolas

Sean, Tracy, Sam, Amy, Robin, Tony and Sheila!

and me!

Shaina and Michelle

Kady, me and Sharon

The CSI agent turns up with Tiger...

Robin with her minion, Sophie.

Robin and me

Gloria and Tony
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