England July 2001

This year, my company had mandatory time off for 4th of July week. What better way to celebrate American Independence than going to England? I couldn't think of one...

Alec on the train in Wellington County Park.

On the 4th, we had a BBQ at Tim's house

Keith, trying to trick us into working.



Alec & Dave, enjoying Tim's home brew & marshmallows

Keith, professional marshmallow roaster.


"Will you put that dumb camera away?"

Keith, Mark & Ben

Keith, Alec & Ben

A day out on the boat

The coolest boat ever!

Lunch at the Folly Inn

Ben takes a turn at the wheel.


Me & Keith enjoying the ride



Tim, just along for the ride

Cooking our dinner...

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Official units of measurement

At the original prime meridian locations.

Millenium Clock! Oooh!



Keith & Alec disappear in a tunnel under the Thames

British Museum

Keith & Me, up close and personal with the art.

Alec & Keith

Alec amazes Keith with his "A to Z" guide.

Keith, always pointing fingers.

Bletchley Park,a fantastic day spent learning about WWII crypto related activities.

Main house

More of the main house

Back gate


Hut #3

Old military vehicles.
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