The Balsa House welcomes the new roomates with a rager of a housewarming

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Chris and "Cheech"

Kady, me, Amy, Michelle, and Sara

Tony, Chris, Sean and Bill

Linda, Chris and Kady - Chris looks, well, ....

Mikey, Chris, Kevin and Kelly
Kady and Chris

Me & Lauren!


Kady, Chris, Sean & Nick

Kelley & Mikey

Greg, Amy, Sara & Nick - working on expanding Hillary's drawing

Kady adds her bit

Punk rock dancing!
(OK, maybe it was ABBA)

Kady, Chris & me

Amy had a spill - she should not wear white to parties!

Kady & Hillary

Kady, me, Hillary & Amy

Greg & Lauren

Punk Rock Greg & Lauren

Lauren & Hillary

Chris - who just demonstrated how to open a beer bottle with a lighter, very important skill!

Sean, me, Chris, Bill, and Amy - An intense game of Taboo begins!

Amy, Me & Michelle

Bill & Sean

me & Chris

Foot shot!

Sean, me & Bill


Michelle figured out the "secret code"

Kady checking up on me...

Kady & Chris

Group hug for the Taboo Masters - scowl from me!

Post Taboo revelry

More revelry

Kady, me & Lauren

Chris & Kady

Johnny 8-ball and Chris

Me & Lauren

Chris, Kady, Lauren and Greg

Sean & Martin





Chris & Lauren

Uh oh - a spill on the new carpet!

Another Spill!

Kady mopping!
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