July 2003, Fort Wayne, IN

Another July break in Fort Wayne, IN. Fortunately, I left before the heavy rains and the floods started, and had quite nice weather!

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Ashton & Valen like to climb on things.

Yes, that's my father's Oldsmobile...

Ashton, Kevin, Jason and Brad get ready to celebrate Janet's birthday.

Like father, like son.

Everyone but the birthday girl!

Ryan enjoyed the birthday cake.

Talon steals my dad's cigarettes from his shirt pocket.

... he won't give them back (good bird!)

My dad with baby Chay.

Mom and Valen.

Chay's a happy baby!

Brad watching left center.

Ryan watching the game.

Brad up for bat!

He's getting taller!

Very cute!

That's right, Fort Wayne actually let's this woman carry a badge!

Elisa and Randy look very professional.


A blurry photo of Andrea and me.

Me & Elisa!

Elisa and Randy!

Valen has some candy he'd like to share!

Christiana up to bat.

Christiana is watching the play.

Valen is trying to convince his grandmother to do something.


Mary & I are ready for a night out!

Randy meets us at Henry's!

The fellow in the next booth is getting awfully friendly.

Jasin turns up - we knew he would!


With a bun in my hair, we could be twins...

All of us!

Jason, Kevin and Brad enjoy a day at Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo


Visiting the petting zoo.

There used to be a bear in this enclosure, but now there is just a "dinosaur egg" for children to climb in.

Ryan joins this family of orangutangs.

Chay with his grandaddy.

I've introduced Valen to Lik-a-Stix candy.

Mom's got baby Chay now.

Mary with her two youngest.

Elisa and Randy out at Columbia Street West.

Randy and Joey!

Mary, me and Elisa!
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