July 2003 in Chicago

As is becoming a new tradition for me, I spent another 4th of July in Chicago. This time, Vicky has her own place downtown, and Richard & Karen joined in the festivities.

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Yeah, Chicago traffic. This was at the Indiana-Illinois border. I was rushing to attempt to make it to downtown in time for an Architectural tour of Chicago... alas, the traffic got the best of me.

At the bar, waiting for a table in a classy Mexican restaurant. Apparently the chef is quite famous and has his own TV show, but I don't remember his name.

Still waiting - check out that giant dragon hanging from the ceiling!

Karen, Richard and me in Estell's. Karen is, um, enjoying her Old Style.

Vicky's here, too! Though this bar was hot and smelled a bit like vomit, so we did not stay very long.

"Brunch" the next morning, but the restaraunt doesn't serve brunch on weekdays, so we all had to settle for sandwiches.

Vicky isn't pleased about this whole sandwich thing.

Walking along the Chicago River. Karen is giving me a recap of the missed architectural tour.

"Vicky, stop that!!!"

This giant fountain sprays across the Chicago River once an hour: we were lucky and caught it!

This fountain is so cool, Karen needed to join the picture, too.

Me, too!

More of the same fountain, but this part is on all the time!

Vicky and Richard on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier.

Karen and me!


The John Hancock building. I can even see the building I used to live in, when I lived on Lake Shore Drive.

The Amoco and Prudential buildings - I used to work in the Prudential building for Amoco.

Richard and Karen on Navy Pier, which appears to have more shops and bars again. Always evolving!

Vicky enjoying a Foster's topped.

Waiting for the train at an old El station.

Karen approaching Richard ...


Vicky giving Basil some loving.

Richard and Vicky, preparing the BBQ.

Vicky pointing out that she can see the Sear's Tower from her balcony.

Waiting for the burgers to cook.

Almost ready!

A few beers later, we start playing UNO and with our cheap "firecrackers" (poppers).

Me and Karen, enjoying our rousing game of UNO.

Yeah, confetti crap!

Vicky's a pretty princess!

me and Karen again.
Richard and Karen get us to play Taboo (mostly they are making fun of me and Vicky)
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