July 2002 in Chicago

We bookended our midwestern adventure with two trips to Chicago, my favourite city! The rest of our time was spent in Fort Wayne, IN and St. Joseph, MI, visiting family and friends.

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Honestly, our first weekend was spent in the suburbs, staying at Vicky's sister's grandmother-in-law's house. Or something like that... It was a blast, we went to a cheesy brew pub and discovered that Vicky was the master of Star War's Trivia!

Somebody feels the need to constantly adjust the music volume for the other diners on the patio. hmmmm....who is justantisocial enough for that ...

Cory, relaxing after a nice chocolate porter.

Cory & Sean, with their beverage of the weekend.

Me and Vicky!

After gallivanting around the midwest for several days, we returned to Chicago! This time, in a suite at the Fitzpatrick downtown!

Brant, enjoying the patio at Pizzeria Due


Sean and Brent

The guys, in front of the historic building, home of the best pizza in Chicago!

After a long adventure, trying to find the Navy Pier of my memories and instead finding a chaotic land of children...

... we paused for a photo in front of the beautiful Chicago skyline.

The ever frightening "children trapped in an eternal game of crack the whip" bronze statue was still there, but one child appears to have escaped (leaving behind his hand).

Vicky and I are nearly caught up in it!

Only Brent does not fear this bear...

Vicky enjoying the great view from the women's restroom in the John Hancock Building.

Only the woman's restroom has this view - it was reported that the men's is small, dirty, and positively without breathtaking views.

Brent and Brant at my favourite Mexican restaurant, Su Casa, which was opened by the same guy that started Pizzeria Uno and Duo.

Vicky and Cory!

Sean and Me!

After lots of Mexican food, and a few margaritas, Vicky and I are ready to hit the town!

Me and Vicky, in front of the same bar...

Sean, shooting pool at Excalibur, home of the worst djs on the planet...

... but their pool tables are very nice!

Shopping at The Alley

Brent, Sean, Vicky and Sean's new hat.

Vicky is exhausted!

Cooling off...

On our way to dinner

...still on our way to dinner.

Cool building downtown.

Enjoying the cool building.
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