Bike 4 Breath - Two Rock Ride

Petaluma, CA - May 28, 2005
Team Salty Dawgs road fast and furiously to raise money for the American Lung Association's Bike4Breath Two Rock Ride. Thanks to the incredible generousity and enduring support of our families, friends and colleagues, we raised enough sponsorship to be the #1 team. I was riding in honor of my mom, a lung cancer survivor, and in memory of a family friend who was not so fortunate. Many thanks to Lauren for her inspiration to let the pirate in all of us be free (and to raise money for good causes!)

I haven't ridden a road bike since my ten-speed I had in junior high. My very gracious friends, Bryn & Susan, lent me an essentially brand new Trek road bike in order to complete my first ever 65-mile ride. Riding more than 500 training miles (both mountain & road) in the past month helped me to complete the route in 6 hours and 8 minutes. Thank goodness I wasn't on my heavy mountain bike!

(Click on image to see larger version)

Even the camera is tired at 7AM when we are getting ready to ride.

The morning was overcast and cool - very nice riding, actually!

Less than 3 miles into the ride and I'm still feeling pretty good.

Danek is very excited!

Danek and the friendly cows. Check out those killer pirate socks!

Lots of farms out in Petaluma. All different sorts of cows mooed us on along the way.

Essentially skipped the first rest stop and just plugged on ahead.

Argh, Matey!
This is the last we see of Danek until we finish, as his inner roadie takes control and he stages a mutiny. Bloody pirates....

Still cold - still going!

Mark :-)

Impressively large bird of prey.

Beautiful area

Still plugging along. This is about 35 miles into it, I think.

The sun makes a brief appearance on this otherwise cloudy and windy ride.

Mark! (not in motion, because I can't take pictures while riding a bike)

More scenery. This was a gorgeous ride!

This is around 45 miles - the wind is actually *howling* at this point. I'm glad I was not on a lighter bike - I was having a hard time staying upright with the wind as it was!

Llamas and a horse just hanging out.
A short video of me riding - you can get an idea of just how windy this was!
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