Tony's Birthday 2004

Tony turned 8 years old this year! We're all so proud of him!

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Mike, Bill & Dave

Mary and Milt

Mike, Sarah, and Eileen. It doesn't get much cuter than that!

Frank, Marilyn & Martyn chatting away...

Group shot!

Bill and Dave in a very animated conversation.

This time they're actually willing to pose for a picture.

Mike brought the MGD 40ozers, but I had to drink it.

Daniel is enjoying a tasty beverage!

This is what happens when the invitation specifies "no gifts".

I honestly have no idea what Jason is doing to poor SpongeBob.

Tony cutting up the cake.

Sean and Daniel just chilling.

Tony licking off the icing...

A very dangerous game of checkers.

Martyn & Ernie are amused by the rousing game of checkers.

Seriously. Tony's not doing so well at this game. :-)
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