Robin's Bachelorette Party March 2004

Robin's final weekend out and about as a single woman was spent with five of her close friends in Monterey, CA.

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First thing in the morning, Robin was greeted by an exotic dancer at her house....

It's ok, it's Bryan!

As strange as it all was, Robin was still delighted to see Bryan.

The photo is blurry, but we are all thrilled to be in Monterrey at the Otter Inn!

Lunch! Yum!

Kady enjoying her Appletini (notice the matching napkins!)

Robin is enjoying hers! :-)

All of us are dressed for a night on the town! Kady, Stacy, Robin, Linda in the back, me & Amy in the front.

Amy gives Robin her "corsage" made with ribbons from her bridal shower.

We've made Robin wear even more special items (notice the sash & crown!)... here she is reading her list of tasks to complete for the evening.

Robin examines the special cakes Stacy's mom made. I think she's actually blushing!

One of Robin's tasks was to find a hidden piercing - success!

Here, these very nice strangers are giving Robin relationship advice.

The guys at Bubba Gump's sing "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling", ala Top Gun.

They really sang the whole song!

Look at those feet! And Kady's purse is super cute!

An innocent bystander playing "Go Fish" with Robin. Oh, those cards!

What's that in Stacy's purse?! ;-)

The marvelous bartender makes a drink just for Robin - the Red Robin! Yummy!

A new friend we made for the night!

These are the only two guys we could find all night that had a picture of their girlfriend on them.

and they decided to take a bite from Robin's necklace!

We're all ready for bed!
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