James & Robin's Wedding April 2004

Yippee!! Robin and James tie the knot on a beautiful day in April! The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, the children in the wedding party were all well behaved, and the limo was a bus - I don't think it could get much better than this!

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The festivities started the day before, with all of the bridesmaids meeting for breakfast...

Breakfast! Yummy!

The princess is getting her toes done.

Robin & James at the Hawaiin themed rehearsal dinner.

The wedding party, treating our last minute blemishes as we settle into our suite that had been occupied by Kid Rock the night before (and he's a late sleeper, so we couldn't get into the room until after 3PM!)

It takes a long time to get ready for a big wedding ...

At the crack of dawn, the bridesmaids go to get our hair put in an "up do" - that requires a LOT of hairspray!

Even Linda has to withstand the curlers!

With a good night's sleep, the bride is ready to get her hair done! Of course, the salon is running a *bit* behind schedule....
Even the flower girls need rollers in their hair!

Robin is still waiting to get her hair done, so we're hanging out!

Back in the suite, lunch is served!

Robin's hair is perfect, so Star is adding the finishing touches of makeup.

Yes, we look fabulous, and we're wearing tank tops.

Makeup and hair, done by other people.

Kady has so much hair!!! wow! Perfect!

They look like angels! :)

Kady's all made up, too!

Wow, that's one fabulous looking bride!
Robin and I are ready...

All of the bridesmaids on the party bus en route to the wedding. Wow!

speeding our way there... Robin is ready!

Stacy and Kady are super excited!

... Then there was a wedding, but I was in the wedding... so there are no pictures. The wedding was so beautiful. A perfect couple. Really! But - the camera comes back at the reception!

Jen looks MARVELOUS!

The Gaslighter table!

Me and Wendy!

Party favors for children - they are very amused!

Linda toasts the bride and groom.

Chris and Daniel!

Steve, TonyG and Kady. Love that frilly shirt!

Amy and Billy.

Tracy and Amy.

Freedom and Amy. Aren't they so cute?!

Sean, Michelle & Tracy

Freedom, James and Sean!

Michelle and Tracy are having a wonderful time.

The bride and groom's first dance as husband and wife. Awwww.

Sean and me.

Me, surrounded by studly men, Billy, TonyG and Sean.

Daniel and me!

Brian, me, Bailey and Wendy.

Daniel and Chris... awwwww...

Daniel, Amy and a much more reserved Chris.

Kady & Lauren are giving Penny dancing lessons.

Michelle and Steve - I don't know what's going on here. Could be dancing?

Jen is a dancing queen!

Chris and Kady make an even cuter couple.

SaraT and Lauren are having a great time!

Check out those gorgeous toes!

Linda, TonyG and Sean - having a blast!
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