Valerie's Family and Friends: The 1990s

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Karen & I recently (2004) came across some old polaroid photos in a trunk in my office. At her request, Sean scanned them in for us. This first section is for the most part older than the photos that have been on this site for awhile, but I don't know all of the dates. Several of the polaroids do have notes on the side as well. Anyways, enjoy!

Try as we might, Richard and I could not get a photo where we both looked normal.

Here, I'm apparently in my Beatnik phase. I don't know what's wrong with Richard. This is probably 1993 or 1994.

Richard & I with JD, I believe this was summer of 1994.

Getting ready for a party in our basement apartment on Russel St. Richard, Karen (she's got pink hair!), me & Vicky. Parties were a big deal - we got dressed up. Fall 1995.

Another party in the fall of 1995. I'm not sure who the girl is on the far left, but then it's Artimage, Richard, Vicky & Karen.

I somehow convinced Jessica, Richard, Karen & Vicky to go to Fort Wayne for New Year's Eve 1996. You can see that we *really* liked cheap beer.

Um, *another* party, this time in the spring of 1996. Corn row braids being sported by me & Art were courtesy of Cathy. Please notice: plastic sheeting on the windows, Pabst Blue Ribbon sign, PBR can, the "We Like BBQ, Too" sign to get our neighbors to invite us to their weekly BBQ, and the multiple season decorations..

Same party, Spring 1996, Artimage, Cathy, Sri, Aaron & Karen. Notice how neat we cleaned up for parties... and even more inappropriate holiday decorations

Karen, Vicky & Jessica in New Orleans, Spring Break 1996.

Add me and our very good friend, the bartender, in a bar in New Orleans.

Vicky playing pool in New Orleans.

Me, Karen & Vicky wearing matching socks. Notice the stuffed frog on the left side of the photo.

Karen sent me this picture of her in her bedroom after I graduated, so Spring 1997. Of particular note is the inflatable "lollipop" she circled on the floor. That travelled with us from the dorms and would often find its way into one of our beds or suitcases.

Me with my pet snake, Ryoga. Sometime in 1997.
The following pictures are more normal and have been up on this site for a few years. For the most part, they occur after I graduated from college.

Me, photo by Michael Stille, 1995.

Me, photo by Michael Stille, 1995.

Artimage, Joe, and Sri.
Portland, 1996.

Tanya with her world famous guacamole dip, 1998.

Jess, Art, Vicky and Karen. Notice that Art is wearing his famous DefCon II shirt: "In this age of Digital Darwinism, some of us are ones, you're a zero"
San Jose, 1998.

Richard flipping burgers. It beats consulting.
San Jose, 1998.

Vicky at The Little Shamrock,
San Francisco, 1997.

Me, showing of my Mardi Gras socks and my big boots.
San Jose, 1998.